January 7, 2011


Snow puts in in a blah mood… but I ran anyway today 35 min, while watching real housewife’s of Beverly hills.  If I watch something that interests me I can run forever cause my mind isn’t thinking of uhhh how much more time.  I read a article in last months shape magazine and it said if you lose 20 pounds or more you reduce your risk of breat cancer by 19%.  Thats amazing and I’m glad that I did that!

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January 12, 2011

More snow!

Seriously I hate snow, I lived in Pa for 6 years growing up and I just can’t stand it anymore.  The good thing is I got my work out by shoveling out my car and steps and deck almost an hour and I googled how many calories do you burn by shoveling snow.  I had to put in my weight, age, height and female and it said for an hour of shoveling I would burn 312 calories.  Not to bad since I had my ipod in and didn’t know how long I was actually out there for.  Now I don’t have to run :-)

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